Canal or River Water

For the treatment of:

River Dam Canal water with muddy sediment and bacteria

Borehole with odors color or taste

Iron manganese organic contamination

Clean river water to a drinkable stage




A borehole, or River Water, is a complicated thing since each one is unique. We have got lots of off the shelf systems between here, the complete home section, and the rainwater harvesting section but we recommend giving us a call and chatting about your situation. Nine out of ten times we find that if you talk to us we create a custom solution for your needs and thus save you money and most importantly you know you’re getting a system to address your needs.

If you have had your water tested please send the analysis to us it makes the process quick and easy. If you would like to be up to speed on what is available have a look at the three sections mentioned earlier. 

     Please call us or send us a mail