This is a reverse osmosis system purification system connected to a glass tank. The glass tank has a tap and is used to dispense water. This water can be sold per liter, or if you are a Business that wants to offer pure water to your clients and staff, just set up in a communal area.

Who should be interested in the water bar?

Our target markets for the water bar are entrepreneurs starting out in the water business with limited capital. This is ideal for grocers, garages, and convenience stores; in fact any shop can have this installed. We offer installation and maintenance.

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Water Bar

Water Bar System

This is a reverse osmosis system purification system ...

Total: R 25000,00

Water Bar

What’s included in the price? 1. 400GDP Reverse Osmosis ...

Total: R 30780,00

Bottling Plants

The machine is a full-automatic multiple-function washing, ...

Total: R 285000,00