South Africa can no longer claim that it is providing healthy tap water for human consumption due to mass urbanization necessitating recycling and increased chemical treatment. Medical research has proven that inferior water consumption and acidic build-up due to one's diet causes short and long term illness such cancer, kidney stones, arthritis, gout, poor blood circulation, stress, tension, cellulite, skin diseases, headaches, asthma, mental illness, to name a few. 4 u pure water provides the consumer with a mild alkaline purified mineral water which reduces the risk of illnesses.

The function of 4 u pure water mineral water purifier in your daily life cooking drink mineral water every morning when you wake up. Cleaning meat and vegetables. Watering flowers and plants. Preparing tea and drinks calms the mind for a peaceful sleep. (drink 30 min before sleep). It supplies minerals and oxygen during sickness. (drink mineral water every day for a necessary supply of oxygen to keep fit and energetic important facts about water truly healthy water: is purified of all harmful substances is rich in minerals has a ph of 7 or more (the water is more alkaline than acidic) is any kind of water good for you? Most common types of water distilled water this water is physically and chemically the "purest" form of water, containing no minerals, elements, or characteristics other than total purity. When consumed it acts as a purgative, stripping the body of trace elements and minerals. 

A simple test is to pour the distilled water into a vase of cut flowers and monitor the rapid deterioration of the flowers. Therefore distilled water cannot be considered good for your body. Distilled water is referred to as dead water. Reverse osmosis filtered water this water has similar characteristics to that of distilled water, as the process involves filtering out the essential mineral and trace elements. This process only recovers 80% of the water that is filtered. Natural spring water is very high in minerals and traces elements and of the highest quality and is probably the healthiest water we can drink because of its richness in minerals.

Unfortunately, there are few high-quality sources available, and unless you see where the water comes from, are you sure it is in fact, spring water? 4 u pure water purified mineral water due to the fact that you cannot be certain of the water you drink, we have the next best thing to a natural spring fountain in your office, reception, consultation room, shop, kitchen, and even your own home.

The 4 u pure water purified mineral water is ordinary tap water that has been purified of all harmful substances enriched with natural minerals and elements and has an increased ph. level - so the water is more alkaline than acidic which is a very important factor in a healthy body