One of South Africa's longest standing supplier of Water Purifiers and Coolers. With over 13 years’ experience and nationwide coverage, you can be sure that you are getting expert advice backed up with unbeatable service. 4 U Pure Water values its customers as the most important asset of the company. 4 U Pure Water products carry a 12-month guarantee in order to provide a high quality after sales service, with maintenance spare parts and advice.

We are in constant strive to supply an honest and high-quality product to our customer. 4 U Pure Water will ensure customer satisfaction where ever and whenever we can. 4 U Pure Water endeavours to enhance productivity and create a better and healthier environment for everybody. We have technologies to solve almost any problem and we can assist you in choosing the most suitable for your particular needs. Our machines have been used on almost all water businesses in South Africa. Best price. Best Advice · Africa’s water factory · Tailored filtration needs.

We Specialize In: Bottling Plants; Purifiers Reverse Osmosis; Water Softeners De-Scaling, Reverse Osmosis Bolting Plants; Cleaning of River Water to a Drinkable Stage; Filtering Under & Counter Tops; Water tests; Water Purification Plant, RO systems, Service all above systems

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